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Mar 14 2011

Oh Praxis II….

I can honestly say that I have never taken a test and walked out thinking I have no idea how I did on that….needless to say that was my feeling on Saturday morning after the General Science Praxis II. I studied, studied and studied some more for weeks for this test and I just do not feel confident about my performance, so I have went ahead and registered for the April 30th test. I did not have college chemistry or physics…actually I never had a physics class in my life,¬†so I think having that in the back of my mind made me even more nervous and uncomfortable about this exam. I am hoping and praying that I passed…but then I think about my teaching assignment. What if I am required to teach high¬†school physics or chemistry? Yikes. I am just going to keep studying and try to build as much of a science foundation as I can before institute. Wish me luck!

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  1. loulou

    Good luck! I took the General Science Praxis in January and had just about the same reaction to it. I did okay on it, though–I did pretty well on the bio-type questions, which (fortunately) outweighed the chem and physics awfulness. So you might surprise yourself! Hopefully that April Praxis won’t be necessary. :)

    • amartin

      Thanks so much loulou! I just found out today that I did pass!!!

  2. Alysha

    Hi Amartin. I am finished with the final interview and am “patiently” waiting for the final notice of acceptance. I have also been reading the blogs and find them to be helpful. So, do you have to take exams before you even begin summer institute? Are the tests free? What is Praxis?

    • amartin

      Alysha–first off congrats on making it to the interview! I know that waiting is the toughest part of the whole process! You are required to take exams in the area that you are assigned to teach–and you will take these exams before summer institute. The Praxis is a standardized test–and depending on what subject/area you are assigned to depends on what test you will take. For more information on these exams you can visit http://www.ets.org/praxis. The tests are not free but you will receive GREAT information on exactly what you will need to register for after you have been accepted–I received a step by step outline of what I needed to do to register for the tests as well as study materials! Good luck and keep me posted on your status!

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