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Apr 01 2011

Woo-hoo! Passed the general science praxis!

I guess all of that studying and worrying paid off!! :) I found out today that I passed the general science praxis and I cannot be more relieved!! I was just so worried…and now I feel ike a weight has been lifted! After getting through that test I think it is finally soaking in that I will be a 2011 TFA Corps Member! I am beyond excited and cannot wait for the start of summer institute. Now I can continue to pour my time into completing my pre-institute work and wrapping things up in the spring semester. I am also looking forward to the classroom observations I have scheduled for next Friday! I know that visiting current TFA Corps members in their classrooms in Alabama will increase my excitement for the adventure I will be beginning this summer!

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  1. ashlee

    I took the general science high school exam as well and have yet to see my scores. how did you find yours?

    • amartin

      They said the scores would be posted on Tuesday BUT I had registered to take the exam again at the end of April just in case I did not pass. When I went online to check to see if scores had been posted yet, my April test registration was not listed so I called and they said the registration for the April test had been cancelled because I met the state standards for the exam I had taken.

  2. CLB

    Thank you for posting this! I just checked my praxis account and it looks like I may have passed because the tests I re-registered for aren’t there.

    What a relief!

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