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May 03 2011

Cairo…not Egypt, Cairo in Southern Illinois and why it should be saved

I think this quote pretty much sums up my feelings on this situation in Southern Illinois:

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

If you are not aware, just google “Cairo flooding” or even better go to youtube and put in Tilley reacts to flood plan to hear from an elected official. It is so very sad that people are arguing over what is more important, thousands of acres of farmland for crops or a small town with the homes of thousands of people…since when can someone put a price on the value of a human life and history? Or even tell someone that their homes and belongings are not worth saving for the sake of something else? I even majored in agricultural sciences and I still feel that this choice should be very clear…yet to many it isn’t.

Cairo is an area in Southern Illinois that is full of history and more importantly people’s homes, memories, belongings…but to many these things do not have a value because this is a poverty stricken area it should be flooded, it is not worth saving or even rebuilding. This eerily reminds me of a city I love…New Orleans. I wish that sometimes people could take a step back and walk in someone else’s shoes. Keep in mind these are people’s HOMES–everything they own and have worked for. Not to mention…how would you explain to a child that everything they knew as their home (their school, their life, their friends, their things) was not worth saving….

Sorry for the ramblings…but these stories are what motivate me to believe in the change that America needs. That we can reach out, that we have to reach out, to the youth of our nation and let them know no matter where they come from, they are worth something and capable of everything…that they are worth saving.

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