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May 03 2011

Mixed emotions and life…

From my last post on being so excited on passing my required praxis, I was finally somewhat relieved and ready to start my TFA adventure. I started on my pre-institute work and conducted classroom visits to a school with current TFA CM’s and was even more excited and confident in the program and making a difference…then life hit me smack in the face.

 My husband’s original job offer did not come through and his other option was a position in Charlotte, NC. I made sure to contact the TFA office in Alabama to let them know what was going on and check on the possibility of a transfer to Charlotte…turns out there is no room for additional transfers to Charlotte. So my husband went on the interview and received an offer….I was both so happy and so sad at the same time. So I again contacted my TFA Alabama Office and also admissions–now I am in limbo to see if I could possibly defer for one year in hopes of there being a placement available in the Charlotte area in 2012.

I am so disappointed…I do not want to give up my placement in this program and I feel as though I’ve failed and I haven’t even started. I also do not want to stand in the way of my husband’s career opportunities, nor do I want to have us living in two different states. Unfortunately we also can really not afford him not to take this position in Charlotte and graduate in a week with no other option. I’ve never been so torn about something in my life.

 I now await the decision for my deferment–I should know a definite answer by Wednesday. At that point if I receive a deferment, I lose my current placement in Alabama and go through the whole placement process again next year with the hopes that Charlotte will have an opening. If I do not receive my deferment, I feel that we will just have to tough it out and try to make things work so we can both follow our career paths…although the added stress of relocating, starting new jobs, finding houses, splitting our belongings, and trying to actually schedule time when we will see each other in person will definitely weigh heavy on our relationship.

 Who knew life could be so confusing….

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  1. Late Bloomer

    Hang in there. Everything will sort itself out. I was chosen for the TFA 2010 Corps, but had to request a one-year deferral because my husband was out of work. I had been in the workforce for 20 years and could not afford the salary reduction with my husband unemployed. I was granted the deferral and will begin my new career a year later than I expected. And my husband was able to earn a college degree. Long journey but well worth the trip.

    • amartin

      Thank you!! I greatly appreciate your comment–I know that everything will work out like it should…it is just hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes! :)

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